Games Design

Below I proudly showcase a curated selection of my professional and personal game development endeavors. Within these chapters, you will find a detailed exploration of the various projects I have undertaken, along with insights into the design tools and methodologies employed to bring each of these creations to life.

Role: Systems Designer


The most recently released project I worked on was Stumble Guys,  I worked as a system designer tasked with improving and adding features to the Workshop, with the aim of improving the workflow for creators, and allow them to develop their own custom stumble map.

Tools: Miro, Confluence, Unity

Role: Level Designer

Overview: Level Designer/Scripter

I’ve recently been working on some of my own projects, including a capture the flag map for Fortnite, using the UEFN toolset and leveraging the workflow in that. I have also produced a short showcase level in UE5 using assets from Epic’s Marketplace. I have included a simple mechanic that allows a door to be remotely activated and thought about where I would add cover and enemy positions inside of the environment.

The UE5 showcase can be downloaded from 

Tools: UEFN, UE5, Blender

Role: Content Developer & Community Manager


At Unit 2 Games I worked on Crayta prior to the 2023 shutdown. We had a small team that developed showcases and example projects for the community; my role was both on the side of creating game mechanics using the API and level design. Some highlights include creating a team deathmatch level which improved some of the base mechanics for the health system and creating a mission system that included NPC dialogue based on the objective states.

Tools: Crayta, LUA, Perforce.

Role: Tech Designer

Overview: Working with a non-profit team to develop a remake of the TimeSplitters franchise in the UE4 engine. The team is world-wide and communicates via Discord. I am mostly focused on the development of some of the challenge modes, using blueprints to implement them. We are using SVN to share and commit our work.

Tools: UE4, Trello, Blender and SVN.



Role: Level Designer/Scripter

Overview: I have done multiple Blocktober challenges over the past 5 years, and have pulled some samples from two of the ones I enjoyed to work on the most.

In the first example I was trying to capture a feel of Okami created by Clover studios you can download Luna from and check it out as a small ‘vertical slice’ of gameplay.

The second example was inspired by Destiny and is a small first-person combat environment, this can also be downloaded from

Tools: UE4.

Role: Content Programmer


While working for Virtual Arts I helped develop Lightstream Racer which appeared on iOS and is an AR racing game. When I joined the team after the initial release of the game, I helped implement features including a photo-shoot mode that was dubbed the garage mode.

Tools: Unity, Perforce, Git.


Role: Writer/Developer

Overview: Created various Toolbox tutorials for Unity 3d and C# for Wireframe Magazine. Was the principal writer for a Bookazine that was released separately.

While the magazine is now out of print ,the source can be found on Github.

Tools: Unity 3d.

Role: Designer

Overview: During the initial release of the PlayStation Vita, I worked for Four Door Lemon on Table Football that was part of the initial starter pack and used the PlayStation AR suite.

Tools: Word, Powerpoint, Lemon Tech Engine.






Role: Designer

Overview: While I was at Frontier, I worked on The Outsider which was an unreleased open-world game with a development time of 5 years. I was responsible for giving user experience feedback to help improve the level editor and taking the real-world location of Washington DC to build the exterior environment and interior levels.

Tools: Wiki Software, Lua, Cobra Engine, SVN.


Role: Graduate Designer

Overview: My first industry role was working on the  Rollercoaster Tycoon series and initially focused on the two expansions for Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 and later I worked on Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. I mostly focused on the game balancing and setting up the various rides, stalls and other elements the player could place in their park.

Tools: Wiki Software, Cobra Engine.


Role: Designer

Overview: I worked on Thrillville and Thrillville: Off the Rails that we released multi-platform on consoles such as the PS2/Xbox 360 and Wii. I worked as a game designer generalist and worked on the design documents, implementation and setup of much of the designed content.

Tools: Wiki Software, Cobra Engine, Lua, SVN.


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