Blocktober 2018

Introduction Blocktober is a level design challenge run over October, the idea is to develop a map or set of maps in grey-box or prototyping stage. This challenge has been run over the past few years. This year I decided to join the challenge and build my own level blockout in Unreal Tournament 4 Beta […]

Simple AI in UE4

As a designer or level designer you may have to set up navigation for the enemies in your game, this is known as path-finding. The AI will navigate using way-points or head towards a give location using a navigation mesh or navigation graph. This is a simple way to achieve this inside the Unreal 4 […]

Games Scripting in GameMaker

As a level designer or a games designer you may have the task of scripting. Scripting is effectively programming in the games engine and uses languages such as LUA, Python or another scripting language. Typically in programming you would have to compile code prior to running the game, however scripting tends to get compiled during […]